Meek Mirrors

For Fifty years Meek Mirrors has manufactured theft-resistant mirrors and steel shelving in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Unlike the others, we still manufacture in the USA using the highest quality materials in all of our products. The glass used by Meek is the most environmentally friendly mirror coating and are optically the most brilliant.

Our products install quickly with simple tools. With little experience, Meek Mirrors install in approximately three minutes and are replaced in one minute. We take pride in offering you the highest quality products that we manufacture as well as a few select products that are also manufactured in the USA.

Guarantee: Meek mirror glass is guaranteed against spoilage for seven years. Frames and mounting brackets are fully guaranteed against workmanship and materials for one year. Meek's guarantee is the longest in the industry.

Customer service: Still located in Fort Smith with our manufacturing facility and they will gladly assist you. Or use our website:

Meek Mirrors is a Veteran owned small business.